In Movement

Master Examination

In 2013, a group of Taiwanese florists will be prepared in the floral business school in a three-week course for the Master examination in floristry. The ambience of the neo-Gothic chapel, the rich flora of cemetery grounds, and, above all, the dedication and professional qualification of the teaching staff make the seminar a memorable one. The Master seminar is a part of the annual training plan. The certificate of the Dresden IHK is highly regarded in Asia because the requirements are identical to those of the German Masters.

Stilistics Trip

Stylistics in Tuscany: floral artists should have knowledge of stylistics in order to know which architectural elements are appropriate in flower adornments, and to expand their cultural background. Hence, the training program includes a trip to Tuscany, where one can experience and study firsthand various origins of European art and culture. Traditional places such as Florence, Pisa, Lucca and Siena will be visited. The villas and gardens of the Medici will be explored, and the artists and architects of the Renaissance will be admired. For this week-long trip, guests without floristry training are also welcomed.